Wen u go 2 buy products , wat all do u check?give examples of differen types of products.?

Vitamins as an example.
1. The prices as a whole.
2. The price per oz.
3. How long it'll last me.
I get the cheapest one that'll last me the longest.

Canned pork and beans as an example.
1. Mentally exclude the ones I've already tried and disliked.
2. The prices as a whole.
3. The prices per oz.
4. Exclude the ones that are too big or too small for what I want at the moment. (I might be really hungry and want a bigger serving or not want to be eating beans for 3 days)
Pick the cheapest, edible, finishable can.
#1 - the price. I usually compare the acive ingredients in the name brand product to the lesser priced product. The last time I did this was with the product Solarcain.
i check on chocoz ...and fruit drinkz.den oder foodies...and den get me sum kewl sweat shirtz and ..den i wud buy..icecream..and sum muzik and movie cds..and while buyin all dese ..i juz check on my pocket for enuff money...<hey wadapao..its me..>...ur partner..
when i buy a product i first think about price of the product then the quality then the company mane and brand of product. e.g. when i buy a lip stick first i see the product price then the quality then the brand and finally the company reputation in the market. then finally i choose laxmi as my lip stick.

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