1 Canadian dollar equals how many US dollars?

Can anyone answer? i was gonna buy some band merch but its priced in Canadian dollars.

1 Canadian dollar is worth about 94 cents American. They are almost on par nowadays.
around .90

check www.xe.com it's quite good
1Canadian dollar = $1.07 in U.S. money
Today the Canadian dollar is equal to about .95 American.
Well here is the thing, i am going in 2 weeks with my family and the banks are idiots they charge you for turning your canadian into american...sucks huh..so i brought in a thousand bucks and got 93 back in american!
Today, a Canadian dollar is about $.95 and a U.S. dollar is about 1.05 Canadian Dollars. To find up-to-date conversions go to http://finance.yahoo.com/currency...

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