If everyone threw out pennies and never spent them how would this effect the economy?

Our treasury department can replace dammaged currency. But what if we just threw pennies away? Would this help the economy or hurt it?

If everyone threw out pennies and never spent them, the monkeys would pick up the monies and star spending them on imported goods.
Mor seriously, if you mean people decide to abstain from consumption completely and yet they are able to leave healthy lifes and be happy, no production or transportation or economic activity will be required. When people do not have any want or need to satisfy, they will need no medium of exchange, or a store of value or a measure of wealth or any unit of account. No currency will be required.
Alas! human proclivity to consume, enjoy luxary, accumulate wealth is so strong, everyone may throw pennies to beggars in poor countries, but keep the greenbucks to spend and buy things and circulate.
No one has to throw pennies away. Just give them to me, I'll be happy to take them.

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