How does money “run” the economy?

Well if anything the US dollar is not backed by gold but by faith and so if the people and other around the world put faith into the dollar then it shall rise and if they lose faith then it shall fall.

My point is that consumers, businesses, and even other governments run our economy and along with it our dollar.
It doesn't. Consumers, producers, and the government -- all with different motivations -- propel the economy forward. Money is just a means for goods and services to be transacted.
Supply and Demand runs the economy. Money is simply the means of trade.
The means of trade "money" is transacted because of Supply and Demand.
Do we trade money for money? No, we trade money for goods and services. The need for these good and services by the consumer is the Demand .The Supply comes from production(workers).
S&D runs our economy not money.

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