Aggregate demand curve??

I know the y-axis for AD is (P) price against x-axis (Y) output / income.

Just wondering if i can have (Y) output / income on the y axis against (P) price on the x-axis.

I am trying to relate AD curve to ii schedule (interest rate (ir) against (P) price) and i kind of recall my lecturer talked about this though i am not 100% sure.

so just wondering if i can compare both AD and ii curve by having (P) in the x-axis?

in economics, we have the independent and dependent variable differently from the way mathematicians plot it.

economists put the independent variable (price) on the vertical axis and the dependent variable (quantity/income) on the horizontal axis, totally different from the normal practice in maths. this way, the standard linear equation solves for price, rather than the quantity. this is the reason why we do it.

i do not know whether its ok to do it the other way, but even if you do not do it that way, you could use 2 graphs with the same values to illustrate your point.

you'll need to seek your lecturer's help on that one, i can't help you on this.

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