50 yrs. from now, which will our children need more, clean air and water, or the money we're saving for them?

Isn't it ironic that we dutifully prepare our wills, save for our children's college education, load up on our kids' inheritances by investing wisely today, but at the same time...

Keep buying cars, homes and other products that we know are contributing to the unhealthy planet that our children will inherit?

Is it widely understood that dwindling natural resources will create both health and economic problems? (Is everyone watching China carefully?)

In 50 yr. who know`s what the world will be, if there will be here.If people cannot change thier habits. You can only hope there will be clean air to breath, or water to drink. If not what good would money be!
50 years from now our children will need fresh water and clean air more than they will need our money. but i don't believe most people feel that way.
the former

-money has no use value, only the exchange value we give it
-water and oxygen (or O2 rather) are essential for human life

We will be lucky if there even is a 50 years from now based on the current environmental events. You made a good point.
50 yrs from now you will probably have to purchase air and water in canisters and bottles. So saving money may be in their best interest.
Air, water, earth... love, compassion, Peace... at this point it's really difficult to say whether or not they will have these...
The world has been controlled and abused by people spreading the lies of capitalism, reductionism, and bureaucracy for far too long...
We live under a lie that Nature and everything natural is bad or evil and that everything created and supported by man and society and government and business is good, right, just, etc...
We don't have to watch China, we will not attack China they have us by the you-know-whats economically and financially, not to mention in sheer numbers...
It isnt "widely understoond that dwindling natural resources...) And most people arent saving enough to amount to diddly for their kids so even though they may get a house that is paid for that is about it.

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