Are you AND your spouse working your "behinds" off...?

to support this "great American lifestyle" that you are living?

I dont' about you, but I'm finding this current boom market economy a bit lame. Today's middle class are working harding then ever and yet do not enjoy a lifestyle any better then their parents or grandparents

my husband and i work every single day and are barley making it we get no help from welfare not even a medical card so we have no ins. we have older cars and nothing we don't have to have. this is sad because 6 yrs ago we were living good had the good car and campers 4-wheelers ect now we have to sell it all just to pay out utilities and put gas in our cars.
The over-worked middle class is generally in that situation because they have to work 2-3 jobs to pay for their 2-3 cars (one of which is new), the $10-25k credit card they ran up, the trips they must take, buying the kids every toy they say the need, keepin up with neighbors and relatives who make more.

If you garage is so much stuff in it (bikes, boats, jet-skis, shoip equipment, etc.) and you can't park you cars there, your spending is out of control.

When the real estate agent says "You have a good job - you can afford a larger home. And it's a great investment!" you should RUN because you will find you are paying 30% of your take home pay on the mortgage.

I know a lot of people who moderate their spending, save prudently and are doing just fine. Have enough to put away 15% of their income each month in savings and give away another 15% - on a $60-75k/yr income.
I can't agree with you more.

My husband and I both work for the Government and make decent money yet we at times become broke.

We have a home, two cars (only one is new) and yet we can't live the way we intended.

Granted, I could probably save more but my husband and I already pay into mandatory retirement, a approximate total of $ 475.00 a month which will help us in our future.

We have great family health, vision and dental but would truly like to live more of a prosperous life.

I am going to start researching more so I don't need to work as hard as I do/have been.
And your point is...? give up or what. People try to make life better while you set on your A** and pick at them. The ones that are trying i respect. People like you i feel truly sorry for.
">>enjoy a lifestyle any better then their parents or grandparents"

So at this very moment are you using an abacus and carrier pigeon to communicate. Try giving up all the things that did not exists when your parents and grandparents were your age now. Then you would see who has a better lifestyle.

No computer
Much much less computer technology
No Internet
No cable TV
No cell phones
Never use any drugs created in the past 25 years
Pay ridiculously expensive long distance phone calls
And on and on...

Yep , you got it rough.

If complaining about your situation improves your lifestyle, please let me know and I will begin to complain more.

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