Would you support economics education in middle school or high school?

Not alot of adults know the importance of saving money, not overextending credit, and planning for retirement.

Would it make a difference for future generations if public schools taught a class in basic economics? Why would it work? Why wouldn't it work?


I see you're not really talking about teaching economics, as a way of understanding the world, but a practical course on personal economic intelligence.

I would say both would be a good thing.

I took a Law class in high school, and much of it was stuff like credit, and balloon payments, and other sort of Consumer Awareness stuff (which didn't exist as such back then).

I do think kids should study stuff that will help them in their lives.

But I thought you were asking about economics, the field, that helps people understand how economies work -- the systems as a whole and such.

I'd support that, too.

Anything and everything that helps them understand their world and figure out how best to live in it.

In the reform of education I advocate, there would be room in the curriculum for both of our wants here.

The biggest hurdles involve basic flaws in our educational system, and adequate education for the teachers.
I've been saying this for years. Home economics should be mandatory. It should include all the stuff you mentioned with how to handle check book, avoid scams, life insurance, etc.
It would work because it won't face barriers that some other classes face such violating personal values like sex ed classes. the only down side I can see is that the scam artists will just work harder.
Economics is a standard AP course taught in most high schools today.
as a teacher I actually have taught business, economics and accounting classes and think they are among the most important. It has to be relevent to the students and must address simple things like balancing a budget and reconciling a check book. They often get confused in economics by simple things like the difference between authoritarian socialism (communism) and democratic socialism (what we call socialism) or between the three forms of pure economies and the mixed economies.

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