Advantages of 2-child- policy?

what will be the advatages of having only 2 children?

Not sure which country's policy you are referring to. AFAIK, the US has not such a policy.
China has a 1 child policy as an enforceable law. India has a suggestion of 1 child policy (not enforceable). India used to have a 2 child policy.

On the one hand, children are important for a nation's growth- to maintain population. After all you need people to do the work, right! This is a situation in many European countries faced with falling birth rates (East Germany before the merger had a -ve birth rate, ie more deaths than births).

OTOH, countries like India and China have too many people where there are not enough resources to support them. Resources like food to feed and land to live. In these situations limiting the number of children is vital to a nation's growth.

Unfortunately children are (rightfully) viewed as the only asset by poor people who have no pension plans or social security and it is difficult to convince them that in the overall interest they should not have children (especially boys)
the advantage is that you don't have 3 or more
I don t know, but a big family have many advantages in your is a better investiment that you can do. Believe.

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