How many 100 dollar bills would it take to make a 5 lb. bag?

There's a joke in my family about a 5 lb. bag of 100 dollar bills--so, im wondering how many $100.00 bills it would take to make 5lbs! Anybody know?

Each currency note, regardless of its denomination, weighs about one gram. There are 454 grams in one U.S. pound, so there should be 454 notes in a pound 2270 in five pounds.
wow, now i don't even think einstein can answer that!
The same number as $1.00 bills.

Hey! It even works for five's, two's, ten's,...
Well if you covered a five pound bag of sugar with $100 bills you would use about twenty five
would take 50,000 as each weighs a ounce
dont know but when u get the bag filled hook me up

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