Asked before no one had an answer , What percentage of Workers are on the minimum Wage ?

I consider government economic data a "whitewash" because many factors are excluded such as students, soldiers, prisoners, retirees and so on. But according to the Heritage Foundation, 2.5% of the population of workers makes minimum wage or lower. More kiddies than those over 25 years old. More women than men. (data from 2005). The cooler statistic is CEO's make 861 times the gross annual minimum wage ... PER HOUR.
A frighteningly large amount.

Especially since working 1 minimum wage job, full time, would put you way below the poverty line in the US.
Try your ciyt's website and try to find a Cencus that has been taken for that answer.
Depending on your country there should be a national bureau of statistics.

It will have all the income bands and % people in each.
According to the Economic Policy Institute raising minimum wage would affect 5.6 million workers. There are 6.8 million unemployed workers in the U.S. composing approximately 4.5% of the workforce. This means there are roughly 151,111,111 workers in the pool so 5,600,000/151,111,111=.037 or 3.7% of the total workforce is paid minimum wage.

I have attached various links in case you need regional information but I think this answers your question.
Looking at Chris' numbers I would not call 3.7% a frighteningly large amount.
Minimum wage and minimum wage increases are ridiculous. In Ohio this past November min wage went from $5.15/hr to $6.85/hr. A 33% pay increase per hour to the lowest skilled employees in the market. This will cost any one (did you catch that "ONE") fast food restaurant $100,000 this year. Where does the extra $100k come from? Yes that's right folks, pay increase equals price increase. Increased bottom line pressure equals spending cuts. Spending cuts equals little Susie doesn't have a job at Mickey Dee's anymore.
Congratulations Ohio voters not only did you vote yourself a pay cut (through increased costs of goods) you got little Susie fired. If only you would have stayed awake in Econ class.

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