" how can smart growth benefit a city"?

I think the first answerer did a pretty good job. If you've ever played SimCity, (especially SimCity4) you can really see this process in action...if your city grows quickly and without thought, every aspect of the city gets bad, from pollution and traffic to desirability and health. However, if streets are well-planned and other items properly placed, these items show better results.
chaotic growth leads to congestion in the streets and leads to burning and wasting of scarce resources.

smarth growth allows for easy travel about the city

in addition, it can improve pollution control if the city is able to be flushed by wind.

both of these are highlighted in New York. It is built on a grid pattern and takes in the breeze of the ocean, making it all mildly better.

non smart growth is something like Las Vegas (sorry if your from europe). the city is in the middle of the desert and growing at a rapid pace, this will cause all the available water to dry up, and in a drought they will likely have it turned off.
If you have seen China, you will possibly not have asked this question.
All round creation of wealth, upward facilities and higher status of living.
smart growth come through smart people who think for the growth of city before their growth

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