Why are some countries more entrepreneurial than others?

Social structure and government role play a huge part.
I don't think that people in one country are basicially more entrepreneurial than in others. However, the conditions in which a firm has to operate may be much worse in some countries than others which discourages entrepreneurs.

The best research in this area is the publication "Doing Business 2007" by the World Bank which ranks countries according to the ease or difficulty of doing business there. Most of the difficulties are due to complicated, costly, and unnecessary government regulations. Not surprisingly, some of the highest ranked are New Zealand, Singapore, and the US.

Most African countries are ranked very low. As just one example, to export a standard container of cargo through the country's port in some African countries can take more than three months and cost $3,000 in various fees and charges. In Singapore, it takes 6 days and costs $380. No wonder that Singapore is rich and so many African countries are poor.
Countries with a mixed population, on a trade route or a big river don't stagnate as much as more settled and interbred communities

It's a home-grown theory having watched friends marry different nationalities, and then raise children who have two basic languages, two nationalities, and all those new genes to absorb - it just makes them LOOK more enterprising maybe.

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