Are societies ills, such as homelessness, starvation, cureable diseases, insoluble ?

No. They will all dissolve in water.
The nanny state thrives on the existence of these 'problems'.
In wealthy nations such as in the USA and Canada, there is no excuse for starvation. Idleness is too often the real issue.
No. When people (I speak especially of Christians, because I know what we are called to do) of faith start living their faith more than preaching it, these ills can be eliminated.

I think the focus must be individual, not corporate. You look at your question corporately and the issues are huge. But when small (or large) groups start addressing them locally, individually, they will shrink exponentially.
They can be solved. Just look at the advances that have been made in the U.S. over the past 100 years. Homelessness is no longer rampant, starvation is nonexistent, and many diseases have been cured or now have vaccinations for prevention. This has also happened in other countries, and it can eventually happen everywhere.
they are not solvable completely. there will always be these problems, there always have been always will be. we can talk about solving them but the cures are probably more costly than the problems
No. The problems of homelessness, starvation deaths and untreated diseases are largely solvable. Except in times of great economic depression which are generally rare and short-lived, these problems are solved through social and welfare spending by Govt., private institutional/ individual philanthrophy, religious charity and selfhelp. However, some small, negligible percentage of the population may still be affected because of some people refuse to conform to general social norms of prudential behavior. They may need sustained rehabilitation efforts to enable them to come back to normalcy, even if the success rate in such cases is low.
I agree with Oliver T3
If the government & churchs all put there hands in there pockets they could all be got rid of except some people do prefer living rough.

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