Cause of Chinese deflation?

What was the cause or causes of the rapid deflation of the Chinese Yuan that caused the recent economic problems between China and the rest of the world? I also NEED references, so you don't even have to answer my question, just put a link in your references, because I would need that for citing purposes.

Well, your question is not neccesarily right. As the Chinese Yuan may seem to be deflating or even depreciating it isn't. If you study the charts from any foreign currency converted. The Chinese Yuan has actually become worth more in relation to the US Dollar. For Example at the beginning of the year the Chinese Yuan may have been worth about 8 Yuan = 1 USD. But now 1 USD= 7.59 Yuan. So in a few ways both the USD is depreciating and the Chinese Yuan is actually inflating. Or the USD is depreciating at a quicker rate that the Chinese Yuan... I assume your doing a report so try wikipedia or something on chinese yuan.
A deflation is a bit different from a devaluation. A devaluation is always caused when we import more than we export. Chinese Yuan is devaluated because people or countries selling goods to Chine are not interested in keeping Yuangs as a monetary reserve. So they sell Yuans in the market. When nobody want to exchange other currencies for Yuangs, The Yuan is devaluated.

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