According to what I have learnt at University, there is no concrete definition of poverty, simply because the nature of poverty differs form region to region. What is agreed upon is that poverty has three pillars:

* Material conditions: Lack of of goods and services due to lack of money.

* Economic position: refers to low income, limited resources or to low social class.

* Social position of the poor, through lack of entitlement, dependency or social exclusion.

Poverty goes hand in hand with many problems, such as bad health, lack of education, child labour, HIV/AIDS, malnutrition, prenatal birth, low life expectancy, inadequate housing.
poor and homelessness
Good question. I guess it means different things to different people. Here's a definition I found on the web:

"having little or no money, goods, or means of support".

To me, poverty is when I don't have enough money to buy food after paying all the bills. But maybe that's just because I spend too much :)
its what tony blair turns a blind eye to
someone who cant afford to even eat let alone pay bills
who just has an existence
Not realizing that you are worth much more as a person than you are from a financial point of view.
The lack of something needed to survive.

Not just finances. Compassion, Integrity, Determination
There are 2 official definitions: 1, 'Relative', less than half the average. 2, 'Absolute', less than one dollar per day.
poor people that dont have food, clothes, and homes..
I dont even know why I answered that because I am sure you knew that.
This can mean alot of things but to me down right in poverty to me is to be wondering where your next meal is coming from , and everything that goes with it like having maybe two out fits and needing a pair of shoes with holes in them . Not having a place to live .
Poverty as I see it is when you work and you can not afford to buy the things you and your family __need__.

Many people struggle month to month to pay their bills and to top it off. Many go with out health care because they simply can not afford it. All most all companies I know require their employees to pay at lest half of thier health care. Which is wrong. Our USA government should take of all our health care. We pay more then enough taxes... but thats another topic..lol
Poverty is understood in many senses. The main understandings of the term include:

Descriptions of material need, typically including the necessities of daily living (food, clothing, shelter, and health care). Poverty in this sense may be understood as the deprivation of essential goods and services.
The term has a common use in economics and policy to refer to lack of resources and/or feasible opportuntiies (but opportunities for what? read Amartya Sen on this).

More generally, the term refers to a pronounced deficit of some desired, or desirable trait or substance (i.e. moral or spiritual poverty).
not having enough money to get by on, to feed your children and take care of the people you love.
Poverty is the same as been poor and not having any food or money.
the foundation africa is build on
making less than 10,000 dollars a year and have a family of four counting on you to make ends meet. To keep food on the table, clothes on their backs, and a roof over their heads. That is also called stress. The words poverty and stress go hand in hand, most don't handle either one well that is why are prisons are full and bursting at the seams.
Lack of material possessions.
Depends who's judging!
If you own a mansion then owning a 4 bedroom detached is poverty.

For most western people it's regarded as when the local political system allows people to starve to death. IE the majority of land is controlled by a minority of people, preventing the majority from working to feed themselves.and there is no social welfare system.

Although a lot of the '3rd world' is regarded as poverty stricken by our material standards. If the people have land and the crop fails that would be considered bad luck or an unhappy god. They would not consider themselves in a state of poverty.

It is very scalable.
Ask many UK pensioners before they die of hypothermia
Chancellor Brown being the cause.
Poverty is having to live on 60% of national average earnings. So, if the nae is 30,000 then someone on 18,000 is living in poverty.
Something, where no one wants to be.
Poverty is the condition of a dire lack of wealth.

Most of the world must live under this condition so that some very few people may hoard more than their share of the world's wealth and live disgustingly extravagant lives.

Globally the richest 2% of all people in the world possess more than half of the world's wealth. In the US, the richest country in the world, 10% of the population owns 71% of the wealth and the top 1% owns 38%.

So, when you get down to it, poverty is a state caused by the hoarding of wealth by the world's upper and middle classes.
Poverty is having little or no money, goods, or means of support. to me poverty is when someone does not have enough money to buy food, drink, shelter and are in a very sad atmosphere.
not having enough money for basics needed to survive: shelter, food, drink, clean water and health care.
Poverty is defined as people who do not get the basic necessities of life i.e food, clothing and shelter.
There is no one single definition of poverty. One figure which has been suggested is that an income of half the national average indicates poverty. In Scotland this would be an income of £7,000.

Here are some other definitions that organisations use when they're talking about poverty.

"Poverty is defined relative to the standards of living in a society at a specific time. People live in poverty when they are denied an income sufficient for their material needs and when these circumstances exclude them from taking part in activities which are an accepted part of daily life in that society."
Scottish Poverty Information Unit

"The most commonly used way to measure poverty is based on incomes. A person is considered poor if his or her income level falls below some minimum level necessary to meet basic needs. This minimum level is usually called the "poverty line". What is necessary to satisfy basic needs varies across time and societies. Therefore, poverty lines vary in time and place, and each country uses lines which are appropriate to its level of development, societal norms and values."
The World Bank Organisation

"There are basically three current definitions of poverty in common usage: absolute poverty, relative poverty and social exclusion.
Absolute poverty is defined as the lack of sufficient resources with which to keep body and soul together. Relative poverty defines income or resources in relation to the average. It is concerned with the absence of the material needs to participate fully in accepted daily life.
Social exclusion is a new term used by the Government. The Prime Minister described social exclusion as "…a shorthand label for what can happen when individuals or areas suffer from a combination of linked problems such as unemployment, poor skills, low incomes, poor housing, high crime environments, bad health and family breakdown"."
The House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee


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