When does this myth that capitalism/big business causes poverty end?

If captialism increases the gap between the rich and the poor, how does this explain the unsurpassed economic growth in China as their economy embraces the pricipals of captialism? What is the explanation of the rising of people from poverty to a new middle class in China? How do you explain the growing upper class there, when just a few years ago the majority population were considered in poverty? Isn't China better off now, as more people want to buy cars, and more people are not wondering where the next meal is going to come from? How does this long-over due death of a myth explain away the contrast of life between North and South Korea? Isn't poverty in this day and age really about suppresion of people, denial of ownership from people, and dictorial control of localized government? Western governments and private orgs have been sending funds to poor nations for quite a number of years, yet things never get better. Isn't it time that we confront the real road blocks out of poverty?

The official motto of most humans is:
"It's not my fault, I am a victim."

You've got to blame all your problems on somebody or something else, it might as well be rich people and capitalism.

Also, the incredible economic ignorance of even the most basic economic concepts.

I can't believe you are so naive, you need to source your information from more independent news outlets, even get it from another country. There is not enough room to debate the 'capitalism/big business causes poverty' question. There is however ample proof/evidence out there. You honestly need to widen your horizons. China has enormous suffering & human rights issues, much of it caused by the strive to become a super power rival to the US or even surpass it, as with India which is even outstripping China's growth. A simple fact might help explain it. 75% of India's population has no toilet. Power & greed will always stop those at the top of captialism from sharing it with the needy, and I don't mean giving away 10% of their earnings each year. I just can't believe in this day and age of advanced communication skills that there are so many people like you. If you were just greedy & power hungry I could understand that, but to make a statement capitalism/big business causes poverty is a myth is very sad.
as soon as we find out

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