Best economic status for the philippines, socialist or capitalist?

What has proved best is a Parliamentary Democracy and democratic socialist economy with human rights in the constitution. This is true in both the west and east. Parliamentary systems allow minority voices to be heard, while at the same time position blame on the party that is in power. Democratic Socialist economies are better since they preserve human resources better and hence are more efficient.

Government control over the economy never works, and communist or that type of socialist parties have never succeeded in having democracy or any semblance of sustained economic growth. Also, they are attacked, like in Cuba, Chili or Nicaragua. The recent Venezuela experiment seems to me teetering on the edge of dictatorship.
Capitalism doesn't work, anywhere. A democratically elected socialist government would serve any peoples better than capitalism.
capitalism is the worst thing that could happen to the philippines. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and there are so many poor there already, just does worse for the country
it doesnt matter either way, the same problems are going to present themselves whether its a socialist AKA communist ruled or capitalist government. either way, there will be an upper class and a lower class as far as money goes, and there will always, ALWAYS, be the same problems you see im the US or in China or north korea. for all its worth, the philipines would be better off without government all together. no autonomous collectives (monty python quote there for ya) no supreme dictatorial power, no congress or senate, just everyday life. of course it would never happen because man is a greedy and selfish creature, seeking prominence and power wherever he can find it, so there would be a "coup" of sorts to over throw the nongovernment thus, ushering in, within a matter of hours, a government doomed to failure from the start. there is no government that will ever work out for people, no matter what political stance you take, republican democrat, green blue yellow orange, youl get screwed over, over and over again by politics and the political process no matter where you are, so its really not worth even discussing.

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