When is it not true that "time equals money"?

I am trying to change the Western idea that 'time equals money' in a debate, but I can't think of many instances when it is not true. Except that the more time you spend making money, the more you spend, which in turn, leads you back to needing to make more time to make money to feed the cycle.
thanks all you philosophical people!:)


When your body just can't take being pushed, pulled into different directions, till your nerves are shot..then you burn out.then

1. meditation to get back control...quiet times...to get your health back.slowly

Otherwise, you will get MEDICATION to try to get back control...and that's money!...and time because you have to go to an M.D. to get the prescription medication.

2. Experience - the folks run on their own clocks...because they are retired..and then find...that times equals the benefits of life that they always dreamed about...going to different places, writing books because now they have the knowledge of what worked and what didn't work, watching tv...that they want.turning off the news...except for updates..and planting gardens.

3. Plants and gardens...time is based on Mother Nature.

4. The birth of a child...

5. Spiritual Development - Go ahead ...give that challenge to GOD as GOD loves challenges..and GOD can't fail...yup that's right.GOD always wins.

6. Intrinsic value - of education, of family and friends..and intrinsic value of self worth, and taking a stand to get rid of toxic people from your life.which makes way for good people to enter.

7. Laughter and humor.brings about good health
...and when GOD wins...there's no time equals anything!
When you are on vacation?
to simply answer your question: when you are in the military.
When you are a homemaker time does not equal money.
Time is valuable but it isn't worth money.
This is one example.
When you are in college time does not equal money.
I prefer the expression time is money.
Same idea.
Sounds better to my ears.
Good luck and peace.
In Western societies, time always equals money. Our capitalist society has created our notion of time, because time was created, in our present conception, in a manner associated with the accumulation of money. Non-industrialized countries have no quantitative conception of time, meaning they do not perceive time as a set of increments. They usually see time in either present or non-present terms.
I would imagine you would have to argue a zero sum version of economics much like the law of conservation of energy where money is not created or destroyed but simply changes states or hands. Thus in a given frame of time, money is both gained and lost in a market and is thus zero. If money is zero, it can't be equal to time. The problem is that the world doesn't work that way and it's not a zero sum game, but I say stick to your guns and go down shooting.
Salaried workers, especially those who do not get overtime.
Time that you spend with family, your children, grandchildren, spouse, and, your friends. These times are precious and worth a lot more than money, these times are priceless....
It's more accurate to say that money equals time... somebody's time. The person who gets the money might not be the same person who spent the time doing the work that created the value for which that money stands. Capitalism is the business of blocking people, who have the talent for creating valuable goods, from using tools that they can't afford to buy, until they agree to surrender most of that value to the capitalist who owns the tools. For his part, the capitalist undertakes the "huge task" of STAYING OUT OF THE WAY and letting his suckers (his employees) do their jobs.
Vactions, and having a good time

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