2 case studies for consumer awareness?

consumers protestin their rights leading to court cases

Here an incident

This case is related to Automobiles in general and Motor bikes in specific. And this was reported in Times of India or Indian Express i am not very sure.
The case pertains to a Bajaj CT 100 motorcycle where Vehicle dealer had promised a mileage of 100 + km
Since the customer could not get the promised mileage he approached the dealer and during the subsequent checking of the defective vehicle even by company service engineers could not achieve the promised figures customer demanded compensation. Since they refused to entertain any claims for compensation the customer had no other option than approaching the consumer forum.
The national commission in favour of customer finally settled the case by awarding replacement of vehicle and monetary compensation along with court cost.
its not an awarness
its a rule or role to be consumer to be awared
you better to go google website
Check the newspaper

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