Write in 3000 words about green and intelligent urban buildings & infrastructure?

As a part of World Habitat Day Celebration, National Housing Bank is organising this competition

I don't even know what green and intelligent urban buildings & infrastructure or World Habitat Day Celebration, National Housing Bank is.
No way! that's far too long!
3000 words about green and inteligent urban buildings & infrastructure==============
do your assignment
so... let me get this straight....

you want someone here to write a 3000 word essay so you can use it in a competition as your own??


I got an idea what you could write though -

Write about green and intelligent urban buildings & infrastructure.

Get a thesaurus and find different ways of saying "green and intelligent urban buildings & infrastructure".

Use shades of green and mention some urban buildings or infrastructure that haven't finished school yet and haven't passed the intelligient part of the curriculum

Use some suburban buildings if you need more examples of stuff.

Also, do not write any sentence with an 'and' in it. Break it up into 2 shorter sentences where you may need to reiterate certain words from the first sentence for the second one to sound ok.

Use as many adjectives and adverbs as you can.
Have fun, that's about 8-10 pages. Maybe you could solicit deas from people and write a paper using a bunch of different sources.
The result is San Francisco. Extremely high housing cost that chases poor people out of town so the highly intellectual of San Fran don't have to live anywhere near the poor.

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