What can we do to fight world hunger?


This link shows how many people around the world still suffer from hunger and undernourishment.
What can we do to solve this problem?

Help overpopulated countries institute programs that curb population growth. Each country has an ideal maximum population based on its size and resources. This doesn't have to be done through China's strict policies. This can be done through education and government incentives. Everything else is a joke, and represent half-hearted attempts by wealthy nations who want to keep those countries mired in poverty.
Eat everything on your plate.
ask bono and any scraps on your plate put in a snvelope and send to a poor country like bono says
We can give some of our food (the food from the fat pigs of America) to the suffering families who don't have any. We should get someone in the government to help (actually someone who cares) Good Luck with your fight to save millions of people.
What many are already and have been doing, feed them
By invading their country and force feeding them food!

Bloody Hell you'd think you Americans would know enough about this by now!!
We can fight world greed. We habitually send food as aid and have the people in charge in their country grab it for sale at high prices so they can get rich. Its shameful, but they have no shame. Or the government takes the donated food and uses it for its own benefit. Until we can figure out a way to get it to the people who need in and not just the rulers or criminals, we don't stand a chance of feeding everyone.
have you thought of donating Food ? That's a good start..
however , please start in your own back yard.. in other words ,
feed the hungry in your town..
What we have to do is stop doing what we have always done: expecting politicians to do it. We have to do it by ourselves.
World hunger has to do with the imbalance of consuming the world's resources. Rich nations have to reduce their consumption of EVERYTHING in order to regain any kind of balance.

It has nothing to do with eating whats on your plate already but rather stop filling your plate with so much to begin with.

One planet. One race. Lets share what we have and this has to include a lot more than food.
Don't waste food and instead of giving money to homeless people give them food, and lastly try to find solutions that you can do
get people to take responsibility for themselves so i dont have to take a job that doesnt pay anything to feed them and take money out of my pocket so they dont starve.
If you want to feed the hungry go ahead. Just dont force me to do the same if I dont want to.
The key is population control. You cannot keep putting a bandaid on the symptom while the cause is still festering.
The infrastructure of the country should take of the poor and malnourished people in their country. We as educated humans should help and volunteer, getting involved in organizations that serve the cause, also make sure that they are using the money for the right pupose.
World Hunger statistics have actually gone down over the past decade. There are many international organizations that help out. One organization that has a very good reputation is World Vision. They do fund raisers where people pledge not to fast for 30 Hours and collect money. They have an excellent reputation. They help out all over the world and in the U.S.There was a deadly Cyclone that displaced 1.5 Million in Pakistan. World Vision is responding with emergency aid.

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