Whats your favorite,,,,,British Beef or Irish Beef and why?

Which product has the better reputation.tell me where you are from... don't let your nationality rule your decision...

I would not eat either. I am a vegetarian. If I had to choose one for a friend of mine I would choose beef from as local a farm as possible as I think transporting livestock and goods long distances is not a great idea. So I would choose British beef for this reason, although if I lived in Ireland I would choose Irish beef for the same reason.
pizza and macoronii.
wait what was the quiestion again?
I am from England & neither are to my liking.
Irish Beef as its more organic
Aberdeen Angus.

Scotland (Once)

Providing it once had a face i will plate it, yes i am a bit of a neanderthal but i need to keep my strength up.
scottish beef is reknowned to be best and in my experience it is pretty yumshish! No Im not Scottish
My favourite beef is Scottish beef (Aberdeen Angus) it is so tender! Then Irish is quite good. British is ok.

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