25: Whether we look at laws, prophetic teachings, psalms, or the gospel of Jesus, we find the constantly reiterated conviction that all oppression, including economic oppression, is ______ the Divine will.
contrary to
accepted as
caused by
Not enough information

26: In the Bible, work is seen as:
the essential act of providing for one's family.
an intentional, purposeful activity that contributes to the common good.
any activity that contributes to the wealth of the community as a whole.
a poor use of time.

27: Which of the following is not a way that we can strive for economic justice?
To understand as deeply as possible our economic arrangements and their socio-political context.
To develop a vision of what the God of justice calls on our society to do and to be in this moment in time.
To seek out people less advantaged than ourselves and offer them our possessions and assets.
To try to sense how God would have us work with him to transform values, attitudes, and institutions.

28: Which of the following is not a type of economy?

29: Which of the following is not one of the three economic commands given by God?
Water must be communal.
The price of land must be fixed.
There must be restrictions put on interest.
Profit on food must be forbidden.

30: When large supplies of an item are made, the item's cost will go ______. When very few supplies of the item are made, the price will go ______. When the demand of an item is ______, the price rises. When the demand of an item is ______, the price will go down.
down, up, high, low
up, down, high, low
down, up, low, high
up, down, low, high

31: True or False: Not only is the desire for riches condemned, but those who already are wealthy are described as barely able to enter the kingdom, if at all.

32: True or False: Jesus said that we would always have poor people.


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