When is the hourly wages going to keep up with inflation?

in my town the wages have stayed them same for the last 13 years but every thing else has tripled in price,rent food every thing but no pay raises. i think america is going in the shitter.pretty soon every one is going to be poor like a third world country at this right

Never. Money is the highest power to many people, especially those that have a lot of it. So, they want to charge a lot of money for their goods but not pay a lot of money to their employees. I am of the opinion that under the current capitalist system workers will never earn just wages.

~ FR
Yes, mankind has put himself in a great big circle, going around and around and getting no where.

You have three greedy controlling powers on this earth, comercializem, religion and government.

The scriptures say " unless the God of heaven steps in all of mankind would end up killing himself.

So we are waiting for Dan 2:44 to be completed very soon.

Fred M. Hunter


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