You fing $1000 in the street, just cash, what do you do?

Party time?

Bills cause 1000 is not enough to party, Yes I will thank the lord for answering my prayer by dropping money from the sky, I pray for it everyday, and to comment on the other answers, if someone dropped a 1000 dollars, obviously they were not in need of it because I know that if it were mine I would take better care of it, now if it were in a wallet then I would return it most definatly, but just laying there, Please, the police are the worst criminals, they would probably put that in the pot luck bin for future coffee and donuts
I'd check the local news for a week. If no story arises about a little old lady losing her last 1K,pay off some bills! :-)=
I would take it the police someone might give you money for finding it. Don't mess with karma man. if you keep it your life will go to ****! Plus after so many days you get to keep what you found. Then you get the money on a nice note. And it would go towards bills :( And a new pair of shoes and a nice dinner...
Bills . christmas present money . groceries .. when you've got kids, a free thousand bucks is like winning the lottery, lol.
I would hold on to the money, search inside newspapers under 'lost and found'. If someone had claimed they losy $1000, I would return it. I'm not doing so bad, maybe someone needs that money to pay rent, they could end up homeless or something!
Hmm, I'll post it in da local newspaper, or an ad in a supermarket next to were i found da money, and if no one comes and claims it them its mine after 2 days probably :D
Give it to a needy family anonymously. Good feeling finding it, good feeling giving it away. You win twice. Anyways, how needy is a person carrying $1,000.00.
You could show it to the police and they will find the person who lost it for a week and then you could keep it! You should give some to charity, some for bills, some in the bank, and some for party time!
if it's a thousand dollar bill, i'd sell it cause it's worth more than 1000 dollars.
Check with the cops to see if any money has been reported lost. Then try to invest.
keep it! It was somneones loss, tough luck - free market economist!

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