“What your opinion on, “Spiritual Wealth be more important than Monetary Wealth?

My Spiritual Wealth/well-being will determine my destiny for eternity whilst Monetary wealth is for this life time only. It is said - we come into this life with nothing and we leave with only our knowledge. We can't take our money with us when we go.
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Yes without question. I have never seen a Uhaul behind a hearse. Money can do many good things and 10% of that is God's money anyway. What do you really have if you only have money? Spiritual wealth is priceless. The wisdom of faith and a spiritual formation plan that you build your life on cant be bought. Jesus Christ already paid for you and me. Wisdom that comes with faith and trust in God will assist you with any wealth. I have little money in my bank account and I'm a very wealthy man. I wouldnt trade my life for any amount of money. I have a wonderful wife and as a Christian, I know I have the gift of salvation. I dont have to pay for it. You will honor God with your wealth if you seek Him, and invite Christ into your life. Allow Him to be Lord over your life and I assure you what wealth you have will grow beyond anything you can imagine. Get an NIV Bible and read Mathew and the Book of James. Blessings to you.
It is the chicken and the egg thing again;- Is it better to be happy and content and at peace with yourself and be poor and have no material wealth. Or is it better to be exactly the opposite? It is "better" not to be either, some happy medium somewhere between the two would be ideal for most of us. However, if I had to choose one or the other, I would choose the latter. Monetary wealth could provide most things in life, that make mundane living bearable. Spiritual wealth is just that, it can`t provide a comfortable bed or warm home or food on the table. So whether or not one believes in a God, I think that most people would choose the Monetary Wealth.
There is a story about Emperor Ashoka of N India, one of the wisest rulers in world history, that will answer your question.

There weere two beggars in a street of Ayodhya, and one kept shouting "The emperor is rich. He will help me!" The other kept shouting "God is the source of all, He will help me!" All year they kept up these acclamations, while gathering a few paisa each day from passers-by.

One day the Emperor Ashok passed down the street unannounced, and heard the two beggars. Naturally, he wanted to help the one who believed in his help. So when he got back to his palace, he instructed his cook to bake two loaves of bread, one of them with a large bar of gold in the middle. He then delivered the gold-filled loaf to the beggar who shouted for his help and the plain loaf to the other one.

After he had gone, the beggar who relied on God went up to the e other one showed off his loaf and asked " And what did the emperor give you?" The second beggar replied glumly "this lousy loaf. It can't be any good, it's too heavy! Hey, I'll swap you!"

When the first beggar discovered what he had now been given, he ran to the nearest temple to thank God.

When Emperor Ashok found out what had happened, he was contrite, and deeply moved, himself prayed God for forgiveness for his egotism.

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