Can anybody advice poor countries how to get out of poverty?

Less kids, more education.♥
Win the lottery.
Get rid of their dictators.
Most of the time the people are poor, but the dictator's are rich.
The only road out of poverty is education.
solid property rights, education, stable governments, infrastructure based on long term growth, reduce corruption, and finally import technology that matches with the countries input structure i.e. don't import highly technical robotic production technology if you have large unskilled labour workforce. And the biggest thing is let time run without a lot of interference economies must have time to grow and adjust every time an action is taken to help it the economy must adjust and the adjustment times are the decline periods and recessions in an economy
get rid of the government suppressing them
Look at the country, Singapore
get rid of the tirant
Get Saved
Be Diligent
Ask God to bless the work of your hands

Be diligent
Ask God to bless the work of your hands
Go to work on something

I was poor for 16 years and I mean Had to pray for food, had to pray for a job...had to live by miracles. It happens in America too and sometimes NOBODY CARES and the welfare programs aren't there for everyone. So...I have a testimony of God leading me through or I"d be a bag woman right now living in a box. I'm telling you the absolute truth. Trust Jesus he will help you.

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