Can old US stamps still be used?

As long as I add enough 1 cent stamps, can I still use my old 37 or 39 cent stamps? I found a bunch in my desk and I don't want them to go to waste...

Is there any expiration date for US stamps?

Use the old stamps, there is no expiration date. As long as it adds up to the 41 cents that is now the postage amount.
No, there are no expiration dates just as long as you add on the additional cost for postage that hasn't been covered.
Sure, you can stick them on your forehead and pretend to be Uncle Sam ...LOL
Yes, you can still use them.

As long as your mail contains the correct amount of postage, it doesn't matter how many stamps and what denominations they are.
None. Happens to me all the time. Just don't do like the guy in S. Fla. who used a "used" stamp on an envelope which turned out to be worth several thousand dollars! And since the Postal Service gigs us by raising the price of stamps, I get a little creative and put the stamps on several different locations on the envelope. There is no law that says the stamp has to be on the upper right hand corner.

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