What are the reasons for soaring health care costs?

The reason for soaring health care costs is that demand outstrips supply.

Demand outstrips supply because the people who use the system do not pay directly for their usage, yet they generally have the choice to use however much healthcare they want. Healthcare providers on the other hand have a lot less choice on how much to supply. They generally have to supply what is demanded.
Greed and avarice Kev.
Failure to educate society about real health and healing and how to achieve that We are brainwashed into the idea of being totally dependent on others for our wellness. We are instilled with the idea that we are victims, subject to outside forces that we have no control over and because of that belief, it becomes our reality.
There is no money to be made when people stay healthy so our health care system is not interested in producing healthy people who don't need constant health care or assistance. There is virtually no end to the quagmire we are submerged in when it comes to our health beliefs.

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