What Would You Change About Our Economy If You Had A Chance?

I would ban political lobby groups. Too much economic and political decisions are made by who has the richer and stronger lobby groups.

Farming in General
Pharmaceutical and Medical
I would change the wages for minorities. Because $5.15 is not enough.
I would remove all barriers for people who desire to have/own their own business. I would make sure that there would be someone to teach them ethical business practices and even give grants to get them started.

Any type of racial, ethical, or sexual oppression would strictly be prohibited. All nationalities would be welcomed and encouraged and taught that yes, they too can be wealthy. Why "reinvent the wheel" when a truly successful system has already been created that anyone can do. Why not empower people to be creative, instead of holding them down and walking on them to get where you want to be? Help is here, just ask for it!
I would abolish the federal reserve system. I would return to the gold-backed dollar. Interest rates would be set by the free market.
I would remove oil as a fuel for the economy. It will soon head into decline with no replacement. We are all in a lot of trouble with no solution in sight. We should have planned for this long ago.

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