Ron Paul? Does anyone know details about his plans for American?

I am very concerned with the way the Fed is handling our monetary system. I do believe we are going to go into a huge recession/depression. All the economists keep saying this.

Does Ron Paul have the answer?

He will try to do away with the Dept of Education, Commerce and maybe others. He will try to get us out of Iraq and bring the troops home. He will try to downsize out military by getting them out of the 130 countries we have bases in. The military then can gurd the border. He may get a fair tax and do away with thev income tax. I say try because he wil be up against a lot of secial interest groups and both parties. Ig he has a large support base they will come to his aid like they do now & the Congress will have no choice but to go along. This is a little off topic but it will be interesting to see tomorrow the counter forum Ron Paul & his supporters have in Iowa. Ron was not included in the tax relief forum and as of now their will be more Ron Paul supporters than the other candidates combined. It should be interesting.
i just LOVE Ru Paul. But you know, girlfriend, when Ru takes off his make-up he has yellow skin and lots of freckles? Ugh! What he is doing to America i dont know, but iss urrggly!
Yes....he does. The fed is and has been the problem all along. Even pertaining to illegal immigration. It wasn't because they felt that these ppl deserved citizenship. its because the US government could have used these individuals at 1,000,000 per head as assets to borrow more fiat money. Hopefully you can begin to see the real reason now why amnesty being stopped today was such a major blow. I don't hate those ppl, however if that legislation would have passed today they would have become slaves, just like us. "Restore the Republic"

Ron Paul 2008.

One step at a time.
You are correct, this is going to happen - it will actually happen BEFORE Ron takes office.

The only viable, long range, solution would be to back our dollar by gold or silver again. We can do this while the fed still exist. It was in place from 1913 until trick Dick Nixon got rid of the gold standard coompletely in the sixties.

By doing this you will ONLY have the dollars in th emarket that are equivelent to the gold/silver in Fort Knox or where ever they want to store it. This will put us back on solid footing again. Of course - any country that doesnt have gold/silver at the time will be in an instant depression. We will feel those effects until the market rights itself.this will not be overnight - it could take several years for the correction to work its way through the system.

Short of going back to the gold/silver standard, we would have to STOP printing money all together. This will stop the inflation from runing rampant but would grid the economy to a trickle until the kinks get works out on the new limited supply.

The only other option I can think of would be to get rid of money altogether and go to 100 percent plastic. Since money is only a medium that is acceptable between two parties of a contract - so long as both parties accept plastic it shoudl be fine.,,,then all we do is exchange 1's and 0' s true computer tapes at night.

I would venture to say that Ron would go the gold/silver route - any other route will just allow government full control and we will all end up being 100 percent slaves to a tyranical government.
I'd like to know who these economists are that you are listening to. I've never heard anything creditable about a huge recession. You can contact me with this info if you wish. The economy is very good right now. Certainly, it will decline some later. That is the "nature of the beast". Ups and downs. After the Great Depressions of 1892 and 1929, safeguards have been implemented to prevent an escalation of the economy failing that far. As for Ron Paul, I've listened to him every opportunity I have. He calls himself a Republican, but he has all these destructive ideas that will raise taxes (400 billion by his own admission). I honestly believe we won't even hear his name anymore after about three months. Hope this helps ya.
Hi Lil Sweetie,
Yes, I think Ron Paul is the only one that can save America economically.
He has written several books on money, and in my opinion is the only candidate that has studied years of economic history, and what makes an economy work.

The federal reserve has done the same thing they did between 1918 & 1929, they've put way too many dollars into the system and severly diluted the value of them.

I would say Ron Paul is going to explain the workings of the Gold standard to the rest of America, because we have been off of it so long now, {1933} Americans don't have a real clue as to how it would work.
The main point is America had ""NO"" inflation for about 130 years under the Gold standard and still the economy prospered and grew wealthy.

However, be prepared there are many Gold bashers who haven't studied history enough to know that ""NO"" unbacked monetary system has ever survived the test of time.

Thank You LilDebunker for this opportunity to rant a little.

Ron Paul For President!!!

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Keep speading the truth. You are a patriot and a true American.

Ron Paul in 08!

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