Cigarettes problem, economics?

If taxes go up by 10%, the price of cigarettes will go up by how much? Why?

It depends how elastic or inelastic the demand is. If it is perfectly inelastic i.e. a life saving surgery then 100% of the tax would be passed on to the buyer. However in most cases the only a percentage is say 50%.
I'm gonna take a swag here.. uh..10 % ?
Well, draw the supply and demand for cigarettes that you think best characterizes the market, put the supply curve in a bit and see what happens to the price of cigarettes.
You want the answer in %, but you give neither the price elasticity of supply, nor the price elasticity of demand, nor what the current tax is as a percentage of the price. Go track those down and then maybe I'll answer your question. It will, however, be less than 10% times the current tax.
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