I'm interested in studying abroad?

I'm an International business Major. The U.S top trading partners are as follows:

1. Canada
2. China
3. Mexico
4. Japan
5. Germany
6. Britian
7. South Korea
8. France

Currently it is not in my favor to study in europe as the $ keeps on falling next to the pound and euro. Which leave me with Asia and North America. I don't speak a second language so in this case is it worth it? Should I just study in Quebec (I know they speak french but it's mix with english) the two currencies are close together or should I give it one more year and learn Mandarin / Spanish / Japanese? or bit the big bullet and study in London?

Hi fren its depends on your economic power. Study in Asian countries are more cheaper then developed countries. In this case you can't see expenses but you have to more focus to the qualities of study. I can't force you to study in any other country because i don't know about your intention very well and its also depends on your economic power.. My suggestion to you is please select a good academic course in the field of International Bussiness offer by the abroad university and choose the university within your economic efforts..
Get a one way ticket to China, great place, you'll love it..
I'd go with S. Korea. They're an up and coming market and you'd have an excellent opportunity to start networking for international business. The European countries are all pretty much the same, the Asian market is a bit different.
You are not very politically correct. Instead of saying I want to study a broad, you should say that I want to study a woman. Perhaps I misunderstood your question.

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