Would lowering welfare rates for singles (no kids, no personal problems) help them get into the workforce?

It might; but there would probably be 2 unattended consequences.
1) more low skilled labor in the work force will drive down the wage for low skilled workers
2) those entering the work force are unlikely to be motivated and likely to be very unproductive. They also are unlikely to want upward mobility so will not increase their skill level over time. This drives down overall productivity level of the workforce and either drive up prices or drive down wages (again).

It is a tradeoff trying to force working has costs
What welfare rates for singles? The last I heard only dependent children, their mothers, and disabled people got welfare.

What state are you in?
i dont even kno how it is single people can be on welfare
It would just give an incentive, because the gap of income between on benefit and employed would be increased. But if some one deliberately chooses not to work, this would have no effect, nor if no jobs are available for this group.

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