Can i make money in india thrugh using internet without any cost?

look at my profile, and visit the site under "about me"...sign up is some information about the site:

This is a site from which you are given the chance to earn money. What you have to do is complete surveys and offers for companies that want the public's opinion. By doing this, you are able to earn money very easily for simply giving your opinion or trying out sample products. This is a great service that allows one to work from home, on their spare time, at their leisure, and still bring in a nice sum of money every month. People have made up to $800 easily on this site by just working on it in their spare time. It is not going to replace a real job's salary, but it is a very nice bonus. There are also many features on this web site, such as contests and special surveys, from which you can redeem extra prizes that would be sent to you with your monthly cheque, such as iPods, Xbox 360s, gift certificates, and much more.

Cheques are sent monthly, and usually arrive about a week or a week and a half into the next month. No payment from you is ever required, not to sign up, not EVER. Unlike other sites that try to scam people out of their money, this site never requires you to pay them.

"If the site doesn't get paid from me, then why would they have this service going?" - The site doesn't get paid directly from you, but when you complete an offer or survey, they also get paid a small portion of what you earned yourself. For example, if you complete a survey about computers let's say, you would earn maybe $2 and the web site itself would recieve $0.50 from the company also for getting you to complete the survey. These surveys take little time at all, most taking up less than even 2 or 3 minutes of your time.

Fraud is also a big deal on the Internet these days, and this site recognizes that. That is why they ask for ONLY three bits of information: Your name, email address and your home address. Yup, that is all. No credit card information, no banking information, nothing like that. All they require is your name and address so that your cheque can be sent to your home every month. Your email address is only required to confirm that you have done the offers and surveys. Fortunately, no spam mail or junk mail is ever sent out by this site and your information is never shared with any other company.

Personally I have been a member of this website, along with thousands of others, for approximately 1 year now and have earned well over $2500 by working in my spare time. This web site has been great to me, also the members and administrator are very friendly, and are always there to help you with a question or problem you may be having. So far, I've listed only positives about this site, because I can't think of a single negative thing about it. Earn money in your spare time, at no cost to you...Simple!
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YES, i will recommend the following sites

1.! ,You can meet new people, blog, post pictures and
share videos from your computer or directly from your mobile phone! You can also earn extra dough by hosting ads on your personal pages as part of the Dada friend$ program. The signup is free, and you can even profit from the ads on your friends' pages! By accepting you will become my 'partner' in friend$.

I'm inviting them to be my friend$ partners, too!.
Dada friend$ is a new program created by DADA, based on Google AdSense. It gives you the opportunity to earn money in a simple and fast way through ads published not only on your pages, but also on those of the friend$

As the name implies, you make money by simply visiting websites for at least 30 seconds/visit. We will pay you $0.01 for each website you visit and $0.01 for each website your referrals visit. The best part is you can have an unlimited amount of referrals! To keep from getting top-heavy you will only earn money from those that

you directly refer. This gives everyone who participates in the program a fair advantage to earn the most amount of money because you have the potential to earn more than your sponsor! Payments are issued via PayPal. You must request for a payment to be processed. Once requested, your payment will be issued within 7 business days or less.

You must earn at least $10 to receive payment.
Earnings example (based on current averages)
» You click 10 ads per day = $0.10
» 20 referrals click 10 ads per day = $2.00
» Your daily earnings = $2.10
» Your weekly earnings = $14.70
» Your monthly earnings = $63.00


Shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host images on our servers. What makes us different from the rest? Shareapic has a unique revenue sharing model that compensates users for directing their friends and family to see their hosted images. When a member hosts a gallery, they can then show this gallery to others. Each time this is done, the member is paid.

4.Google Adsense

Many sites allow you to put your Google Affiliate code on your pages at their site and earn money from the Google Affiliate Program.

You are paid a percentage of what Google earns from their advertisers.Google determines the amount and others can not tell you how much you will earn.

I highly recommend using Google to generate revenue from you activities on this site and others that allow you to have it!
You can join the Google Affiliate Program by clicking the button below

5. Subvert & Profit: Get paid to Digg!

Subvert & Profit is a great site that pays you to vote up (aka 'Digg') stories on social media sites like
They will pay you $.50 everytime you complete a task for them. All you have to do is click on the links on S&P, then simply 'Digg' the story. S&P will then verify your actions and pay you accordingly.It couldnt be easier! They even offer a referral program so you can make even more money when someone you referred completes a task (you make 20% of what they get).Refer your friends: make 20% of their earnings


Still Reading Commercial Emails For Free? Receive Emails On Topics That Interests You And Get Paid For It! Get $10 Just to signup!


Refer friends using TextPayMe banners.Add one of the following banners to your website, blog, or email signature to increase the likelihood of a referral. Anyone that clicks on the banner and signs up will become a referral for you!

Click in one of the boxes below to select all the code. Next, copy it and then paste it anywhere in your blog, website, or email where you want the link or banner to show up.

8. AuctionAds

Auction Ads allows you to monetize your website by displaying live eBay auctions next to your related copy.

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