What is the percentage of African Americans with a Master's degree? What is the percentage with a PhD?

17% of all blacks in the country have college degrees. 22% of all college degrees go to blacks. About 40% of them have 4 years or more.

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"Fields in Which Blacks Claim a Larger Share of Degrees Than is Generally Expected

Although blacks now earn 9.4 percent of all bachelor's degrees in the United States, they earn a far greater share of all degrees in certain academic fields. Blacks claimed the greatest share of all degrees in the field of public administration. More than 22 percent of all degrees awarded in the field went to blacks. African Americans also earned 18 percent of all bachelor's degrees awarded in the United States in the field of security and protective services. Degrees in this field include the study of criminology and other police sciences. Blacks also make up more than 10 percent of all degree earners in the fields of business, social sciences, psychology, health sciences, computer science, law, family and consumer science, biological sciences, and liberal arts and humanities."

"There also appeared to be a notable increase in the percentage of blacks with college degrees - from 7.6% in 1993 for those 18 and older to 12.8% in 2003 for those 25 and older. But the 2003 figure was below the national average for blacks of 17% and well below the Wisconsin average for whites (24.3%)."
y does it matter? y do it have to only b african americans? jus askin.
29% - Masters

11% - PhD

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