Can being a sweet innocent nice guy be a route for poverty and homelessness?

Because nice guys get rejected by everyone else.And they tend to the last to get hired for anything.Even gay men and straight women don't want them around, even as' just friends'.

Being a sweet and innocent anything will guarantee that you'll be used to that point. And it's not just guys. I've had to make myself defensive and secretive because bad people can detect weakness. And in this world, niceness is a weakness.
welcome to my world...
there is a difference between a nice guy and a sucker...i usually always see at some point nice things happen to nice guys...the suckers.never get any where
i ended up marrying a nice guy.. Keep your chin up
most women will get smart after a while.
On the one hand you should do your best to be nice to as many people as possiable.

On the other hand, dont be so nice that people take advantage of you.

There is a balance to being nice - like yin and yang.
if ure nice as in hot sensible and reasonable ...u`ll get your way
if ure nice as in dorkish and a way :D
That's not true. My husband is a nice guy, my son is a nice guy. They have more friends than they can count. They are trust worthy, dependable, kind and compassionate. Come on over, I love nice guys, most women do!
hah, i think there's hope for us nice guys. i mean, people have to eventually come around, or maybe we should just ban together and take over the world with our nice qualities, lol. but i sense that sometimes, it's like the nice guys just can get anywhere, i guess you have to be nice, but know when enough is enough; Or so I've learned.
Man..If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that. People don't reject you because you're nice. It's just not true. There're other reasons for this problem. The nice guy thing is a cover-up. You are a human being like everyone else walking the planet. No better. No worse.
No, you need assertiveness and an education to get a career. And you need assertiveness and drive to get into a trade school or any other profession for that matter. What do you mean by nice? A pushover?? A shy person? Nice guys aren't push overs, why does everyone assume that? Is a nice girl a push over? As long as a person is assertive and driven as well as pushed to succeed, he or she will succeed.
Not necessarily! Did you know that some homeless guys were really rich before they end up staying with nothing?!
I've already talked with some homeless guys of my city (bc my school tries to help them by organising meetings with them, where we talk with them and give them clothes and food) and they told me amazing stories and the majority of them were middle-class or even above!
A couple people kind of said what I'm going to say.
There is a difference between being nice and being indecisive or lacking confidence.

I was once trapped in thinking as your question suggests.

You can be confident and still have a nice, reserved personality. I am a nice person (ask anyone), but letting people walk on me or not standing up for myself is just being insecure.

Set goals and achieve them. Find a passion and chase after it (no stalkers, please... that's not what I'm talking about :)
There may be other things holding you back, but being a sweet, nice guy is not it.

Hope the best for you. Confidence, man!


Be a bastard. People don't understand anything else. Whoever tells you different just wants to take advantage of you or someone like you. Go ahead, give me a thumbs down. I get 2 points anyway.

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