1$ is equal how many rupees & From whare can i find the international exchange rate.?

The spot price (if you want it right now) to convert $1 to Indian Rupees is 1USD : 41.007 INR. This is as of 1:01 pm EDT on 6/27/07.

Note that this price will fluctuate based on the market; as people "buy" Rupees (convert dollars into Rupees), the number of Rupees a dollar buys will decrease (dollar will depreciate or weaken); as people "sell" Rupees (convert Rupees into Dollars), the number of Rupees a dollar buys will increase (dollar will appreciate or strengthen).

You can look up the price on any ForEx site, but I trust the Bloomberg News Service because they are not trying to sell anything (other than subscriptions to the news service).

Go to www.bloomberg.com -->investment tools
--> Calculators
--> Currency
I used to work for a bank, and we would send everyone to the local airport. They have an exchange desk, especially for the travelers..

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there are hundreds of sites that can tell you latest exchange rates.

If you are an indian look into newspapers, Call hotel help desk, Call Thomas cook, Ask your neighbourhood Private bank or visit websites like

Hope that helps for sure
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