Can anyone explain to me what a consumer unit is??

I'm doing research on consumer spending, and i am not quite sure what exactly a consumer unit is or where it comes from. please help!

A consumer unit is anyone who has the money to procure what they can afford. A child buying a lollipop is a consumer unit. A teenager buying a cool sweat shirt is a consumer unit. A young mother buying baby foods is a consumer unit, and her husband buying pens and office supplies is a consumer unit. A couple buying a new house is a consumer unit, a grandfather buying his grandchild a clock is a consumer unit.
One whole company buying wood wholesale is a consumer unit and a company that buys the wood products from the company is a consumer unit, then they sell the product to the young parents who are a consumer unit, procuring the solid wood table for their teenage son. Who is a consumer unit that same day from buying that "cool sweat shirt".
A consumer unit is an individual or a collective individual procuring products with a currency either wholesale or retail or both at the same time.
it's probably a household.

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