Your personal opinion and/or point of view on Communism?

I've built up an interest on topics I'm studying in my world history class such as Communism and Marxism as of lately, but still seem unsure on where I may stand. Or more on, referring to what I agree with and don't agree with.

I kind of just wanted a few thoughts and opinions on such topics without having to be epic to some extent. Thanx!

Communism is a very idealistic and hopeful concept but it cannot be applied to us a society. The reason it is only good as theory is because as humans equality and equal benefits make us all the same and the very basis of our human nature is that we are not the same. We will always live like animals: where people are either going to rise at the top of the social ladder or remain in poverty. As humans it is easier to live for yourself than for a community as a whole.
I like law and order, therefore I like communism. Communism will save the planet!
communism is like spandex. It looks great on paper but in real life it's ugly.
Communism is a socialistic ideology, and as such the basic human values are really great. But the socialistic belief that all humans want to be equal and to share everything just isn't true. Therefore socialism will never work.

Other forms of socialism includes anarchism, syndicalism and social democracy.
I do not agree that communism will save this planet. I do believe we need socialized medicine in this country.People will say that is the first step toward communism. Our current government shows us the fine line between the 2 all the time. Your internet for example, being watched by OUR government. Comminism? Paranoia? Bushanoia?
i think its an interesting thing to study...the ideology behind it and its application (or failure of application) on societies is interesting to look at, but thats all.its just an interesting thing to study, its way too idealistic to hold up in this world. its never really been applied properly and thats probably because it would be impossible to do so...if it could be applied properly then there really wouldnt be any need to impose it.ideally people would be nice enough to share their incomes with the less fortunate without the help of the state. esentially the application of communism is either economically destructive or useless
“Communism is an ideology that seeks to establish a classless, stateless social organization, based upon common ownership of the means of production.” (Wikipedia)

Classless societies were the basis of early human development. There was an unspoken “Each his own” behavior during early human development. Then man gets meat and shares with his woman and childreen. As human’s evolved, they found efficient ways to create divisions of labor; man hunts, women gets berries and tends to home. These divisions of labor then broke the communist society they were in. As humans took “Ownership” over material items, they gave up their classless society, and formed socialist societies.

“Ownership” is a prime divider between communism and capitalism; Private Ownership vs. Common Ownership. To give an example, look at how two different types of people treat where they live, or home. We see different behavior between ‘Home Owners’ (similar to Capitalism) and ‘Renters’ (similar to communism). A ’Home Owner’ has incentive to preserve and make their home better while a ’Renter’ does not have such motivation. ’Home Ownership’ is a long-term commitment that costs more than ’Renting’, which is a short-term commitment that typically costs less. Within communism, every citizen is guaranteed housing, and homelessness is non-existent; and that is beautiful.

Means of production also is a handy-cap in communism. In communism, it is assumed with all things being equal that the labor force is equal. However, as we can clearly see, working in a coal mine is tougher on the human body than an accounting profession. In communism, the energy provided by the coal workers is equally shared in society. The risk the coal miner takes is not rewarded, thereby creating less produced for the society.

Personally, the worst part of communism to me is the denial of God and the prohibition of seekers of religion to find God. Looking at the Communist USSR, China, Laos, Vietnam, and Cuba, I see people who are accepting persecution to have their religion and salvation.

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