X% of the global population owns X% of the world’s wealth and/or resources?

What is the missing “X” percent?


I have a current statistic on global income, but I need one on global wealth. What I mean by “wealth” can include income but also includes assets like real estate and who owns big businesses. It’s not just based on one’s income.

Please cite your source, and have the information as current as you can possibly find it.

20% of the world's population owns 80% of the world's wealth. It was from this Italian guy; can't remember his name, but heard it in Econs lesson. Sorry...
The United States represent 25% of the gross world product. Canada is about 5% of this, and just as rich.

We Americans are thinking about a tax on the Chinese, who own about 15% of our national debt. A carbon tax, since we Americans are thinking of taxing others who dump bad things on our continent. Notwithstanding the Chinese debt, they will find it proper to stop polluting.
Sorry that I did not completely answer your last question. You are right to insist that wealth is different than income. It is harder to estimate wealth than income, so the amount of information on wealth is much harder to find than income. Try this site at the world bank. I could only find info on regions of the world and a few select countries. I hope this is what you are looking for. Also try looking at the IMF they might have some stuff. The site here only look at at capital wealth and natural wealth. I have no idea where to look to find out what business owns what. I wish you the best of luck in continued research.




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