Can poverty ever be eliminated in the united states?

I was just wondering if anyone thinks its likely that poverty and economic disparity in America will ever be addressed in our lifetime. do you think it will take some catastrophic occurence, (like economic collapse for example), to force our goverment to address this issue? in my opinion, i think the only way to fix it is to take more socialist methods of dealing with things (like universal healthcare, more domestic spending and social programs for the welfare of all, and finally redistribution of wealth). but do you think we could still fix it with our (in my view) dysfunctional goverment? i would like to hear opinions from people from all sides of the political spectrum.

The question assumes a USA at least as prosperous as it has been in the last 15-20 years.
And, If economic progress would continue, then yes, it is possible.
The fastest way would be as you say, having a meaningful health insurance for every one which may called for subsidies from the federal or state government and social programs for the welfare of everyone.
With the present financing of campaigns and the lobbying that takes place in Washington, it is doubtful that those measures would became law.
It can be fixed when the LIberals concentrate on the US poor and stop and look around to see them first rather than the Third world countries first! USA Poor first then the others!!!!!!
YES, I think it could. Based on where the numbers are, it takes over $7000 a year to even qualify for lower class. Poverty to me is anything below this. To eliminate poverty will require more evolved people that starts in their families, homes, and as adults. Also, there must be a trust for success, and an ability to receive non-corrupt charity and suggestions. Education and calm thinking should help. An elimination of "I walked 3 miles to the bus-stop for school" mentality of older people should happen soon too.
No.. They say America's going downhill and will end up in a depression greater than the last one.
I'm moving.
Socialism is one step away from communism. I have insurance and I dont want to be paying for other deadbeats out there that cant figure out a way to make a living in America. Re distribution of wealth reminds me of Zimbobway or however they spell it. They took all the farm land from the white farmers and now they are all starving. America's poor are rich compared to third world countrys. Maybe poor people should stp having more kids that they cant afford. Trust me Im right on this one.
The following commentary is from the "peanut gallery".
I don't know much about politics..but poverty will never be eliminated in this country. Every person in this country has the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".
Having said that. there are so many folks who simply expect "happiness" to just rain down from the sky completely ignoring the "pursuit" part. Know what I mean?
I understand that the Big Corporations already have the top running Presidential Candidates in their pockets already. This is now a country by the Big Corporation, for the Big Corporation, the poor people don't stand a chance.
This is an excellent question and one that I have thought about for many years. A simple answer is that poverty would be significantly diminished if racism were eliminated, since the enormous disparity in income levels in the US is primarily a result of racism - which affects educational and employment opportunities. The practical mechanisms for eliminating poverty are available now - the income tax structure could be made far more progressive (taxing the rich more and the poor less or not at all), and then using the proceeds to invest in schools, for example. We have the resources to provide universal health care, as well, but not the political will. I really think the American people, as a rule, are profoundly conservative and becoming more so. Any measures taken to eliminate poverty will be called "socialist," and will get nowhere. I am afraid I am very pessimistic about eliminating poverty outside of a political/social/economic revolution.

Good question, though, I hope you get some thoughtful answers. This is by far the most serious dilemma facing America, in my view.
dysfuntional government , do u think you can do any better?

sounds like u have strong dislike for your leaders, but did u vote?

If you really want to stop poverty, go down to an impoverished area and ask them what they need.

If you can fix one person's problem with your theories, then you should be president.

The problem is not nearly as neat and tidy as you think. If you really care, get involved. Go into politics, or get a job in a government agency.

Until then, blaming the dysfunctional government for every problem is not going to help.
No matter what the wealthy do to make things better for the poor, it's not going to change. People usually live on the streets due to mental illness that goes undiagnosed. Our city has several houses, and the Salvation Army, etc. where people can go for a hot meal and a place to sleep.
No Never- Because the definition of poverty shifts to the poorest people, no matter how people live.

For e.g. Today People are considered to be in poverty if they do not have running water, but the Emporer of Rome did not have running water either.

Poor people now in most cases have water, electricity, TVs, free housing, etc.

Socialism will only expand poverty as we know it- see North Korea/Cuba.

Why is it the Gov't reponsibility to address the issue? Shouldn't people's families, religious groups, private charities, local community address the issue? What about personal responsibility? People do not have the right to not fail or claim someone else's property (which is what taxes do to transfer money from someone else). People have the right to try to make it themselves...
We have the capability to do it but we won't. We are way too interested in spending money on bombs.

Redistribution of wealth? You can't do that. Even if you gave everyone in America the same amount of money in ten years everyone who was rich will be rich again, and everyone who was in debt will be in dept again. You can't fix someones financial problems by giving them money. It simply does not work.
Poverty is so far intertwined in our economic situation that attempting to eradicate it would take an enormous collective effort by everyone. Frankly, most of America does not feel such a great urge, and we as humans are innately biased against change of any kind, let alone an economic change of this magnitude that would reshape all of the system that is in place, and those who are well off would definately resist any proposed wealth redistribution. Most likely, this change is improbable, and unlikely to happen in this lifetime, with the additional reasoning that some people do not know how to handle money and end up on the streets, impoverished, by their own doing.
Greed will keep poverty in existence globally. The earth produces enough food to feed everyone. If grains were eaten by people instead of being fed to animals, no one would go hungry. But the system is too firmly entrenched to be fixed. There are too many vested interests. The system we've set up will never change willingly.
Ending poverty would require ending humanity.
have the celebs help us and pay for the support the people who need the help. they complain about it the time any way so why don't they help

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