Economic Statistics?

Where can I get reliable, accurate statistical information about job growth, unemployment, inflation, cost of living, cost of healthcare, number of bankruptcies, number of people on welfare, etc, online? Is there anywhere? I don't want to go with because I don't exactly trust it. However, I do believe there IS a government agency that keeps track of some of those things. I'd accept their email or phone number, but I'd also like any independent organizations anyone can give me.

The Bureau of Labor has good labor statistics, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis has good data on inflation and economic growth.

The Council of Economic Advisors publishes an annual summary of the US economy, which is widely cited and is reliable.
Check out The Congressional Budget Office
and the Office of Management and Budget.
I highly reccomend the economists world in figures. Its published annually and has economic statistics on literally anything imaginable to man

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