Wat r the food needs & lives of farmers in different states of india?

plz. give me the answer as fast as u can .

There are many regional and state to state variations. The development of agriculture infrastructure (like irrigation facilities, rural road quality) vary over states and so does the extent of landless farmer and very small holding farmers. It is difficult therefore to write down an essay on the subject in a few paragraphs. In some state certain cash crops are important livelihood of a section of farmers, whereas in most states small farmers and landless labourers do not produce much beyond their subsistence. The growth of population among agricultural fam,ilies have made economics of farming virtually unveable for most farmers but they continue to hold the land. In many farming families with small landholdings, many memebers of the family have shifted to urban and semi-urban areas with the males working in offices as officers, clerks, peons, drivers, etc. They send money back home for their parents. These farming families are better off than the landless farmers and in some cases better than the urban poor. In most States, the large landholding farming families are hugely rich as they earn considerable amount of income from agricutural crops including fruits, vegetables, etc. Despite the standard stereo-typed poor farmers living in poverty (which is a reality for small landowing farming families and landless farming families where education has not really spread among family members), bulk of the consumer goods produced in India are sold to agricultural and farming families. Because of the the need to collect votes, the politicians have since 1956 and particularly in the recent decades have been spending lot of Govt. money aimed at increasing the incomes of the farmers.
Farmers economic conditions have improved substantially in the last 50 years. But in examinations and public forum, it is better to paint a very poor picture of the farmers. Because that is the perception that Indian elite class/ middle class and politicians would like to project. So please do not highlight much of the things like huge agricultural and food subsidies, minimum wages for farmers, cheaper bank loans to farmers, free electricity to the farmers, agricultural support prices, etc. Instead paint the Indian farmers in general as a wreteched lot who can hardly meet both ends meet. Highlight farmer suicides that happens time to time (a small percentage of total Indian suicides).

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