This is a econ-101 class, and I have learned those basic concepts in macroeconomics so far.

Any suggestions will be helpful.

P.S.I have a little bit thought about comparing two online search companies, GOOGLE and BAIDU, but I don't know how to talk about them in my paper and what should I focus on. Any suggestions will be helpful too. thanks

I always like going for economics topics that are a little more out there. I like topics like:
a) political economy of free trade (how do the politics of certain nations affect who they trade with and the extent to which they allow free trade)
b) stagflation and its occurances in the 1970s (stagflation is the simultaneous occurance of inflation and unemployment that contradicts the Phillips curve
c) how aid fails to help countries develop
d) the economic impact of an underground economy (a good book on this is sex drugs and economics by diane coyle or freakonomics by levitt and dubner)
If it's regarding macroeconomic it should focus on the big picture of the economy like on a national level. I believe that comparing Google and baidu would fall under the microeconomic level since they are only two firms in a market.

Some topic might include:
Current inflation worries in the US economy and what can the Fed do. (inflation)
What effect does a minimum wage law have on unemployment. (price floor)
Is it really beneficial to have a price floor on agricultural goods? (price floor)
The supply or demand of a Freeway --(price ceiling )
Legalization of Marijuana: (demand and price)
The effects of suing HMO -- (supply & demand curves, price)

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