Do doctors in countries with socialized or "universal" health care programs make less then those in the US?

Do American doctors make more then their British, Japanese, and Canadian counterparts? I am wondering if socialization would lead to reduced compensation.

Incomes in general is higher (on average) in the US than in most countries in the world, but there is usually wider inequalities too. And this should also be true for doctors, but there might be other reasons for those differences, more specific to the health sector.

The "market" for health is very special because the supply "makes" the demand, the demand isn't driven by so-called rational choice, but by the advice of doctors or other health institutions. Which means a competitive system can easily see prices skyrocketting.
In socialized systems, price are regulated, even if the supply is private (like in France: socialized demand and private supply, appart from hospitals), and costs are lowered for several reasons (no need for advertizing, no need for insane insurance policies to get covered against legal suit...)

Now, even with socialized systems, doctors are well-off, even if not rich, and they usually benefit from very strong and powerful social networks, which are often much better than monetary wealth.
This is a guess... I'd say the foreign doctors compare relatively similar to general practitioners of the United States, they may make more, but I would be willing to bet they didn't make less.
I know a Canadian doctor who moved to the US because he was not making enough in Canada, so I'm geussing that American doctors do make more.
Doctors arenot merely a physician but also a social worker,When man falls in danger (physical) he comes to a doctor.He thinks that doctor can save his life from the present ailment or distress.It is the moral duty of a doctor to relieve the patient as far as practicable or advise him for Hospitalisation. Doctor as a social being must follow the law of universal health care programme.

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