Is Life about money and only Money?

not ALL of life.. not ONLY money...
but Yes, majority of it.. and what it revolves around..
and i do also believe money can buy happiness.
life is about the people you're with, how u make them feel, and how they make you feel. Life is about giving, and caring, and loving.
not if you don't make it that way. Just depends on your priorities.
um yeah sure...
Sorry to say, more often than not, it seems to be. is the root of all evil!..
I would rather have happiness & love than money. Money is just needed to have a life.
in order to have a life you have to have money. Even just hanging out with friends and family, you have to have money for gas, or food. Unfortunately it is. Every life is centered around money. Even if we never admit it.
It sure feels that way doesn't it? If you don't have money, your not really living, you just exist so you can see the light of another day. The truth is we are all slaves to money, if we weren't we wouldn't work and we wouldn't buy nice things. We slave for the people who have all the money. We slave so we can support ourselves and the people we love. The people who have the money like it this way, and have set it up this way, I mean someone has to flip those burgers, right?Money equals freedom to do the things you really want to do. Ask yourself whether or not these billion dollar corporations have ever really considered giving their money away. That right there should tell you something. : )
No. Life is NOT about money and only money. Life is about people! Life is about the relationships you have. It's about how you help your fellow man. We are all here to help each other. I grant you that money does make life "easier", but money does not buy love or happiness. And money is most definitely NOT what it's all about.
No it can't be. If it was people without money won't have a life. I know a lot of people that enjoy life without having a lot of money.
While I know people with a lot of money that don't enjoy life because they are working long hours.
Life is about family and friends and the journey we are on.
by money we can't bring 1-truelove from people 2- health 3-happiness
many &many thing if i counted iwill not end
many women will agree to that, that's why we see so many 20 yo young girls marrying into 80+yo dinosauruses and never the other way round.

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