Do you agree with this?

do you really think that people should spend money on necessities ONLY and give the rest to charity, to people in need? in, "the Singer's solution to world poverty," what Singer basically says is, you shouldn't spend money on luxuries AT ALL and donate the money that you could be spending on luxuries, to charity. do you agree with this?

Definitely Not, Although it sounds like a good idea, i think if u work for your money you should have the right to use it however u wish and to spend it on the most useless things if it pleases you,

Otherwise, why work for a higher salary at all? after all it'll just go to the poor, why not just take an easy job that pays for the bare necessities of life?

You chose to earn more so that you are able to afford and obtain not only the basic, but the luxuries of life
somewhat agree
do you realize that your computer is not a necessesity?

and the time you spend at Y!A is really for your personal recreation, while you could toil away at a hospital or a shelter?
Don't agree.

This is a "From those according to their abilities; to those according to their needs" type of thinking. It is also known as a Marxist philosophy. While it sounds great on paper, people change their behavior based on the incentives placed in front of them. Giving money to those "in need" creates more people "in need" and reduces the number of people that produce.

While I like Peter Singer's views on animals, this solution would lead to greater environmental problems.

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