As China becomes less competitive what is the next country or region to be developed? The next China?

Manufacturing sourcing nor services..

China for decades

Two points

China has an under and unemployment problem, plus a labor force of 800 million that will keep wages and the cost of living low for decades.

China seems to have a better work ethic then most countries, plus a better government infrastructure, plus a more stable government and social structure.

India has some big social and government problems to overcome before they can be depended on like China.

Signed, an ex pat from the USA living in the heart of China.



India by a landslide
i'd have to say india too. it has over a billion people too
India then possibly Turkey.
I wouldnt say that China is becoming less competitive as much as their economy is slowing down its progress. China is still a competitive market to watch out for, they are just seeming to flatline for a bit. India on the other hand, is experiencing what China did several years ago and that is their economy growing a considerable amount. This is due to its extremely high population that is being driven by manually driven people. India is having a lot of opportunities being thrown their way, such as American companies and so forth being built over there.

This is also happening in China, BUT, the difference between China and India at the moment is the fact that there are so many teenagers and young adults in China at the moment that want to "Americanize". Whether that means the way they dress, look, act, make a long story short, the Chinese are becoming in a sense, lazier...certain American influences are trickling over to China and they are slowly feeling the effects through their economy such as the workers wanting higher wages, less hours worked, so forth.

It hasnt quite hit India yet, thats why it seems that India is the next big developing economy, but every economy has its ups and downs...right now, India is having a good run, and China is just leveling out at where theyre at.

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